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The Good Deal Realty Team is just that a “Team” We have a different Business Model than most companies serving the Inland Empire – Our Business Partners enjoy a Top Notch Administrative Team allowing our Customers and Clients unparalleled “Customer Service.” Most real estate brokerage firms employ the philosophy of needing to get as many agents working for them as possible to pay the bills. Often at a sacrifice of training, customer service and legal action. Ken Parker our Broker/Owner came from the Hospitality Industry where it is all about customer and client relationships…! This approach has served The Good Deal Realty Team well. Our customers and clients say they can feel the difference when they first enter our doors…! At Good Deal Realty it is all about you and that is our focus and commitment.

Back in 2005, Ken Parker the after receiving the extremely good news that the company he worked for was being SOLD was once again looking for the next challenge. Ken had been the Vice President and Chief Operations Officer (COO) of our Valley’s largest Property Management Company for 5 years. Having already worked for Investors, Owners, and Vendors in the Real Estate Industry – The idea of Opening up a Full Service Real Estate Brokerage Company and having been trained in Real Estate receiving his MBA in Real Estate from the University of Alaska – It seemed like a natural fit. So, the journey began…!

Good Deal Realty the early years – Starting with two Business Partners Ken and Omar and one administrative team member Christene – The Good Deal Realty Team concept was born. Tons of hard work and a challenging market of 2006-2009 was upon us with home prices falling like a rock we dove in and became very good at representing buyers and sold a lot of REO and Short Sale properties. So much so that The Good Deal Realty Team got a reputation as the company with the Buyers (See - www.GoodDealhastheBuyers.com). The bank market crash of 2008 brought many bank failures, which found The Good Deal Realty Team involved heavily in Short Sales helping family’s through an extremely tough time 2008-2012…Still representing a lot of buyers but mixing in working with Banks to dispose of their bulging REO Bank Owned inventory and helping our Inland Empire families with their selling their homes short (they owed more than the homes could be sold for), both were lots of hard work. Demanding Asset Managers in the REO market and Banks just being outright unreasonable with the demands of selling homes through the short sale process made for long days at the office. Anyone that has ever been involved with a short sale realizes they should be called “Long Sales” - Either way The Good Deal Realty Team again got the reputation of being able to navigate the difficult selling landscape as we became a consistent Top 10 Real Estate Company in sales volume and transactions and the # 1 Sales Team in our market.

The recovery, 2012 – 2016 – In 2011, most of our Inland Empire Cities experienced their market lows and values have been on the rebound ever since! Finally, sellers are getting some breathing room from being “Under Water” in equity in their homes - To having equity. And today values have normalized to 3-4% appreciation annual 2016 – Current.

The Good Deal Realty Team – Today enjoys the Top Spot as the #1 Sales Team in our Market and Top 10 in sales volume and transactions. We currently have 13 Business Partners: Kelsey, Christie, Eric, Jazmin, Ruth, Reyna, Skye, Karen, Israel, Jajaira, Andrea, Eric H., and John.  – Along with our 3  Administrative Team Members: Rocio, Jared, and Pamela. Making the Good Deal Realty Team the #1 Team in the Inland Empire for number of Administrative Team Member’s to Business Partners – No wonder our slogan is The Good Deal Realty Team – “The Best Part of Your Transaction”.

We look forward to helping you with your Real Estate needs and invite you to experience what over 2,000+ families already have “Excellent Customer Service.” Come join The Good Deal Realty Team and feel the difference – Good Deal Realty “The Best Part of Your Transaction” – Make us your choice today…!

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