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Your Home Sold At Your Price

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According to a recent survey by the MLS, 78% of all homes did not sell with the agent the sellers chose to list with the first time.

This same survey reveals the 61% of these same sellers failed to sell their home again when they relisted with the same agent. This has led to millions of dollars in lost income for these home sellers.

It will cost you nothing to discuss this sale with me. But not calling me, according to the survey referred to above, could be hazardous to your bank account.
3 Important Details
  1. We GUARANTEE in writing, that your home will sell at your price within 60 days or we will buy it! No Gimmicks. It is all in writing.

  2. I’ve copied and pasted a screen shot of our Buyers-In-Waiting database as proof that we can make such a bold guarantee as I have.

  3. These are buyers that have registered with us and want to buy homes.

Because we have so many well qualified buyers you get more money

in less time and with less hassles.

To discuss the sale of your home call me today at 760-951-9050. There is a difference in real estate agents, the services they provide and the results you get.

You owe it to yourself to see first-hand the difference that can benefit you.

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